A collection of 40 ASCII fonts to use in your commercial and non-commercial games, websites, and other projects!

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Available for purchase at - chevyray.itch.io

For just $20 you will get 35 truetype fonts!
24 fonts + 11 variations

If you pay $25 or more, you get these 5 additional fonts and an Assets package!

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Assets Package

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Chevy Ray's Pixel Fonts are perfect for mobile and indie games! Have a look:

'Oeuf' example screenshot 'Slapface' example screenshot 'Vector' example screenshot 'Tentown' example screenshot 'Express' example screenshot 'Softsquare' example screenshot 'Pinch' example screenshot 1 'Pinch' example screenshot 2

If you're using these fonts in a project, I'd love to have a screenshot from you! Email it to happytrash@gmail.com.

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